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Richard Brunt

Richard Brunt

You can call me toll free from anywhere in North America at 1 888 361 0014. I personally answer the phone, and will answer any questions you have. If I can’t pick up the phone, I’ll call you back as soon as I can. You will never hear “we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes….”. Nor will you get a lengthy list of menu options you don’t need. Those things drive me nuts!

Or send an email to: richard(at symbol)compostingtoiletsusa(dot)com

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2 thoughts on “Contact – with a real person!

  • David Bissell

    I am a general contractor adding your compostable toilet. I am trying to figure a way to tie urine into waste line of main house. Can I install a pee trap in the urine line?

    • richardbrunt Post author

      A pee trap requires water, so you’d have to remember to pour water down the urine drain. We sell a smaller P trap that uses less water. You could also try a Hepvo waterless odor seal. We don’t sell those, but they are widely available.