Price comparisons

This is a US price comparison of self-contained composting toilets. Prices change, companies have sales – so please confirm current prices with dealers for these products before you order one.

Toilet Basic price Shipping Total
Nature’s Head $925 $35 $960
Separett 9200 or 9210 $1389 Free shipping $1389
Envirolet MS10 $2439 (but goes on sale for about $1900). Includes a passive wind vent (worth about $50) $139 $2039-$2578
Sun-Mar Excel $1790 You pick up $1790
Biolet 10 $2399 (goes on sale for 1899). free $1899

Note: The above toilets have important differences.  The Nature’s Head and Separett are urine seperating designs, while the Envirolet, Sun-Mar and Biolet combine the urine and solids. The Nature’s Head is a somewhat smaller toilet, and suitable for up to 2 people full time. The Biolet 10 is rated for 3 people. The Envirolet is rated for up to 8 people, the Sun-Mar Excel 3-4 people, and the Separett has unlimited capacity. (That is because the contents are removed from the Separett, in a compostable plastic bag, to complete the composting process in a secondary container).

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2 thoughts on “Price comparisons

  • James

    Where do you get the separate outside composite container ? Also what about bug issues, all the other post on dry toilets complained of this.

    • richardbrunt Post author

      The outside container is very expensive to ship from Sweden, so I don’t bring it in. The best solution is two self-contained rotating compost bins. You can get these at most larger hardware stores or online. When the first is full, start using the second. When the second is full, you can spread the contents of the first on the ground.

      Flies are not usually a problem. Flies need to be getting in from somewhere. So if there is a tight fitting, fine mesh screen on the vent pipe that exits your house, there should be no flies. If there are still flies, then they are getting into the toilet from the house. You’d have to eliminate the source of flies in the house.