Separett Weekend


The Separett Weekend is a urine-separating holiday cottage toilet for use indoors. It is $889 including shipping to the lower 48 states. The Weekend has a fan with a 3″ vent pipe to dry out the contents and exhaust odor outdoors. There is a urine drain tube, which can be led to a grey water system or drain pit outside. The solid waste is collected in an inner bin, lined with a compostable plastic bag. It is very easy to empty and keep clean, as no solid waste ever touches the inside of the toilet.Separett Weekend

The Separett Weekend is wired for 12 volt DC, but comes with a wall adapter, so you can plug it into any standard household electrical outlet.

Separett Weekend measurements

Separett Weekend measurements

It is ventilated exactly the same as other Separett toilets (please see the main Separett page for details).Separett Weekend installation

The urine drains exactly as it does for other Separett toilets (please see the main Separett page for details).

The Separett Weekend differs from the 9200 and 9210 in the following ways:

  • It is smaller (although capacity is similar).
  • It does not have a view screen. This means that when you open the lid, the contents can be seen. (This is not a big deal to me but some may not like it). The 9200 series have a view screen that hides the contents.
  • No child seat is included with the Separett Weekend.
  • The Separett Weekend has a 3 year warranty (as opposed to 5 years with the 9200 series).




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